Vitus, Thrax, Børresen: United Home Audio and High End by Oz

When I walked into the large Twinbrook room, which was hosted by dealer United Home Audio and distributor Hi End by Oz, its Bulgarian-made Thrax Audio system, complete with reel-to-reel tape deck, was playing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” Once I calmed down and got a grip, I found Oz Curran’s Hi End by Oz room to be a delight.

Curran’s system included the following sources: the Vitus Audio SCD-025 Mk II CD/DAC (used as a transport; $26,400), Thrax Audio's Maximinus Mk III 32/384 DAC ($38,500), and the UHA Super Deck reel-to-reel ($89,998). The Thrax Audio Dionysos preamplifier ($23,000) and Teres II Mono Amplifiers ($34,500/pair) amplified the signal, the latter driving Børresen 05 Silver Supreme Speakers ($214,500/pair). Hi-Fi Stay Mythology racks ($4900 each) and Ansuz D-TC Supreme Cables ($17,600–$70,000) completed the setup. Thrax makes each element of every component in-house, except for the tubes.

This highly resolving system exposed the overly processed reverb of an Agnes Orbel CD, while framing her rich voice and cello within a deep soundstage. Tomas Örnberg's Blue Five & The Swedish Jazz Kings performing Duke Ellington’s "Black Beauty," from an Opus 3 sampler on open-reel tape, knocked me flat with its microdetail, woody-sounding tuba, and precise acoustic bass; the reproduced bass showed clearly that the microphones were focused on the upper body of the instrument, giving every string pluck lifelike attack. A tape of Bizet’s Carmen played on the United Home Audio (UHA) Super Deck was dynamic and dead quiet, reproduced with lovely tone and delicacy.

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The tweeters remind me of Sonist and their 'wave guide.'

They look lovely.

Can we actually see the reels spinning in this pic?

I blame the Super Lotto for holding back my dreams.