Vienna Acoustics Mahler loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Linn LP12 turntable (fully updated), Ittok tonearm, AudioQuest AQ-7000nsx cartridge.
Digital source: PS Audio Lambda II transport, Muse Two Ninety-Six digital processor, Illuminati Orchid digital link.
Preamplifier: Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 Ultimate.
Power amplifiers: Krell FPB 350 Mc (2), Bryston 9B-ST, Rotel RB-1090, Thule PA250B.
Cables: Interconnects: Nordost Quattro Fil, TARA Labs The Two. Speaker cables: Nordost S.P.M. Reference, TARA Labs The Two. AC cords: TARA Labs Decade.
Accessories: Argent RoomLenses (5), PS Audio P300 AC synthesizer (used with preamplifier and sources), Bright Star Little Rock (atop CD transport), Nordost PP4 Ti and PP4 Al Pulsar Point component supports, Arcici Suspense Rack, PolyCrystal amplifier stand, Furutech RD-1 CD demagnetizer.—Robert Deutsch

Vienna Acoustics
US distributor: Sumiko
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