Video: Neneh Cherry and The Thing, “Accordion”

My review of Neneh Cherry and The Thing’s upcoming album, The Cherry Thing, is scheduled to appear in our August issue. Last month, we heard the band’s version of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream.” Now we can check out the video for “Accordion,” a selection taken from MF Doom and Madlib’s 2004 album, Madvillainy.

Director Ted Says explains the video’s creepy look and feel: “We wanted to create an atmosphere that would sit well with the unpredictable music of The Thing and be playful yet creepy. I didn’t want to restrict Neneh too much either—she had to have a platform to do her thing undisturbed. Shooting in darkness amongst the trees with a bunch of lasers, it was, then.”

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It sounds like it was an interesting shoot. It should do well, or at least I hope that it does as well as everyone wants it to. Thank you for the videos and the information. Can't wait to see more.



Understanding how a music video is made can really help us to understand the artists a little bit better on how they are getting things done and see where they are trying to take the viewers.