Versa Dynamics 2.0 LP player Specifications

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Description: Three-unit integrated turntable/tonearm with air bearings and vacuum disc hold-down. Tonearm adjustments: Tracking force, height and VTA, cartridge tilt, tangency. Effective headshell mass: 10-18gm vertical, 56-66gm lateral (depending on counterweight and use or not of eddy-current dampers).
Dimensions and weights: Phono unit 18 1/8" W by 17 5/8" D by 9¼" H, 41 lbs; Controller 6" W by 17" D by 4" H, 10 lbs; Pump module with noise reduction enclosure 22¾" W by 11" D by 13" H, 50 lbs. (Standard pump is 2" smaller in all dimensions and 10 lbs less in weight.)
Price: $7500 with standard pump module; $8100 with noise-reduction enclosure, $4800 turntable only (1987). Approximate number of dealers: 4 (1987). No longer available (2003).
Manufacturer: Versa Dynamics, Warminster, PA 18974 (1987); Versalab, 465 Okeepa, Loveland, CO 80537 (1997); no longer in the audio business (2003).

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