Two Cool Hi-Fi Posters

It’s like that t-shirt you were always jealous of your friend for having. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the one that said “Famous Guitars”, and it had drawings of Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein or Rick Nielsen’s multi-necked Hamer. There was also a “Famous Drumkits” one with Kreutzmann and Hart’s two-man kit or Terry Bozzio’s tom-tom explosion. Gosh, those were cool.

Well now you can be that guy but with the famous hi-fis.

At Hi-Fi, a UK company is selling two posters: “A Visual Hi-Fi History of Turntables” and “Loudspeakers: A Visual Hi-Fi History”. Each poster tells a story of design, adventure, and sound reaching back through the past 100 years. The posters feature a honeycomb design with products ranging from the eccentric to the classic in each cell. Each poster is sold for £14.99 plus shipping and handling. Frame it and mount it on your wall and make all of your friends jealous.

JohnnyR's picture

I didn't see the last photo that should have been on the turntable poster. It being thrown into the trash bin where out dated pop and tick and distortion laden devices belong.

Loved the speaker poster though, showed so many badly designed speakers through the ages  :-)

santideva's picture

Hey dude, relax.   Just let the people enjoy their hobby.

Feel free to enjoy your music as you like, and pass on the positive energy.