Totem Acoustic Forest loudspeaker Manufacturer's Comment, January 2010

Manufacturer's Comment, January 2010

Editor: I was totally aghast at this contradictory Follow-Up review. I found that the poor review layout and content turned me away from "wanting to comment," but felt that I owed it to our faithful followers and future buyers.

Although Totem was rather pleased to have a Follow-Up review printed, I was befuddled by the apparent amateur reaction of Erick Lichte to our fabulous Forest speakers.

Totem Acoustic speakers, without exception, are produced to have a tremendous exactitude in model continuity and quality of sound. As mentioned by John Atkinson in his Follow-Up review on our Mani-2 Signature [October 2009], nothing is ever left to chance in this regard.

Not mentioning electronics, exact placement, and wires, or even asking Totem Acoustic for basic advice, seems purely irresponsible. How can a company with Totem's reputation, quality production, and worth allow this "transfiguration" of an exceptional product such as the Forest? The reviewer's apparent observations contradict [those made by] all listening to a Forest at a dealer, or at the numerous shows where we have highlighted it.

If one cannot duplicate the holographic imaging Larry Greenhill wrote about, how can he comment on or compare anything else, for that matter? Doesn't this tell us something? Imaging on and off axis is our forte and "marque de commerce," and if it didn't happen for EL, then the problem, if not personally physiological, was due to the other equipment, placement, and room issues mentioned above. Especially that the phenomenally acclaimed Forest had little or no sonic effect for him. Really too bad! Both LG and JA clearly laid out the stronger features of this great speaker:

"The Forest's highs were transparent and beguiling, with no brightness, steeliness, or metallic edge."—LG, Stereophile, April 2001, Vol.24 No.4

"Upper strings were silky smooth, double basses rich and full. And again, the soundstage was wide, deep, and stable."—JA, Stereophile, September 2005, Vol.28 No.9

Twenty-three years of designing great real-world speakers in affordable guises with supreme quality—knowing that the world appreciates this continuous, magical effort is a comfort. This Follow-Up in many ways redefines my perspective of Stereophile.—Vince Bruzzese, Totem Acoustic