The Toronto Audiofest is Open

Hi everyone. This is Rob Schryer reporting live from Toronto's Westin Airport Hotel. In case you haven't heard, it's at this venue that the Toronto Audiofest is taking place from October 21 to 23 with 89 exhibit rooms from purveyors of audio all vying to charm our pants off.

Being the intrepid audio reporter that I am, I've come here in search of tantalizing scoops, astonishing product debuts, and sensational sonic pleasures, to share with you for your personal amusement. It's a role I don't take lightly. Despite this being a Canadian show, for the purpose of bringing you the information you have a right to know, I will ignore my Canadian-bred inclination to be nice and assume a more American-style brashness to get to the bottom of things. I won't take a "no" or "don't know" for an answer from anyone. "Do you know the price of your ABC DAC?" "No." "Wrong!"

"Do you know the topology of your amplifier?" "Don't know." "Wrong!". I will press for missing information until I get it, which is why I booked my room for three nights instead of the usual two, so exhibitors will have a harder time dodging my questions. As for tactics, I'll resort to anything. I'll whine, plead or sob, sometimes all at the same time. I'll outmaneuver visitors slower than me to get the best listening chair or shove them aside a la Trump at a leader summit to get that perfect picture. I won't even say I'm sorry. There's no time for feelings. I'm on a mission.

So sit back and prepare to be served up a procession of tasty audio treats, some of which will have been obtained in ways that would make any Canadian blush.

Unless noted, all prices are in Canadian dollars.

teched58's picture a highly professional report worthy of the single most important audio pub/site.

It's not like you're chunking out a 300 words + pictures
story for each room at the Toronto show, without any analysis, so that the dealers can type their names into google and see themselves online.

Nope, you guys do holistic show coverage, with deep context and analysis, that is solely aimed at providing value for the reader.

There, I've said it.

MARKJ's picture

Hi Robert, it was great seeing you at Sarah and Michel's party but man, I was so disappointed I didn't see you in my Room. Oh well, next year. Take care my friend and BTW, nice job on report even if the most fun room was missing ;-)

rschryer's picture

I won't want to miss the most fun room twice in a row.