Todd Garfinkle of M•A Recordings—A World Citizen A Selected M•A Discography

Sidebar: A Selected M•A Discography

A small selection of M•A recordings to whet the appetite:

J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations (M024A)
Japanese pianist Ito Ema's masterful performance on her own 1903 Steinway D concert Grand.

Dusan Bogdanovic: Untitled (M036A)
This fifth M•A recording by guitarist Bogdanovic emphasizes the classical repertoire, including Spanish composers Luis de Milan and Tarrega, plus Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos.

Peter Epstein Quartet: Staring at the Sun (M041A)
Veteran sax man Peter Epstein plays "Music from the young and energetic, creative NY jazz scene." No.2 on my list of M•A favorites.

Milcho Leviev: Man from Plovdiv (M018A)
The Bulgarian pianist's third album for M•A, recorded simultaneously with his Bulgarian Piano Blues (M012A). Free-swinging, improvisational, bluesy jazz with a Balkan twist, played on a Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand.

Eduardo Paniagua Group: Danzas Medievales Españolas (M034A)
Six musicians, 32 instruments, and various musical styles that developed over the centuries in medieval Spain in the five kingdoms: Aragán y Cataluña, Galicia y Portugal, Castilla y Leán, Navarra, and Al-Andalus. (Stereophile "Recording of the Month," June 1996.)

Ricardo Rocha: Luz Destino: Guitarra Portuguesa (M039A)
This music, developed by composer/keyboardist Joao Paulo and guitarist Ricardo Rocha and recorded in Portugal, puts the traditional Fado song of Lisbon into a surprising Baroque style.

Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadic: Krushevo (M044A)
Guitar duets of original arrangements of Macedonian folk songs. One of my favorites.

Marcelo Zarvos: Labyrinths (M040A)
Brazilian pianist and composer Marcelo Zarvos plays exotic original compositions for small ensemble, including Peter Epstein on soprano sax. Original compositions with the structure of classical music and the feel of Brazilian popular music.

Forthcoming: Later this year, look for Traditional Music and Throat Singing of the Khakas Tribe of Southern Siberia and Gypsy King: Medo Cun and Members of the Skopje Chalgi Orchestra. Call M•A Recordings in California for a copy of their catalog, and prepare to be amazed and captivated like never before.

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