TAVES: A Winning Team

Every person I talked to—manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and, most important, audiophile visitors—were most enthusiastic about their experience at the Toronto Show. Of the visitors, perhaps typical was the brother of a neighbor of mine, who lives in Florida and made a point of timing his visit in Toronto such that he'd be able to attend TAVES. Both brothers came to the show, and took pains to look for me and tell me how much they enjoyed it. The brother from Florida said that there are not many audio dealers in his part of the country, and he really appreciated the opportunity to see and hear so many products that he had only read about in Stereophile.

The exhibitors I talked to were uniformly positive about venue, and about the efficiency of the TAVES staff. Congratulations to Suave Kajko, Simon Au, Sarah Tremblay, and Michel Plante (L–R in the photo): a winning team.

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It's hard to believe for an end-of-show photo, but Suave, Simon, Sarah, and Michel actually look like they're smiling and having a good time. The event must have been as positive as this show report suggests.

Great, clear writing, Robert, and really good photos. Kudos to all. This sounds like a new show that has fulfilled its promise.

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Interesting show, 95% 2 ch. & not enough HT
If you don't make at least 200k a yr you wont be able to afford most of the items here...