Atohm GT1.0 Speakers

When I went into VMAX Services' room, they were playing a recording of "Mona Lisa" that wasn't Nat King Cole's but had the same spirit. The speakers were small bookshelf units (stand mounted, of course) and they sounded exceptionally good. Who is the singer, I asked VMAX's Richard Kohlruss, and what are those speakers? He showed me the CD: Verve ERCD 6671, vocals by Densil Pinnock, guitar by Bill Coon.

And the speakers? Atohm GT1.0s from France. The designer is Thierry Compte, formerly with Triangle. As I continue to listen, I'm more-and-more impressed with the sound of the speakers. So smooth and natural. How much are they? $4000/pair. Wish they were cheaper. . .