Perpetual Technology's TT-1 Turntable

Divergent Technologies is known for producing the Reference 3A speakers and distributing a number of product lines, including Antique Sound Labs and Copland. They're now about to enter the turntable business. In collaboration with a partner in Hong Kong, Divergent has a classy-looking turntable, named the Perpetual Technology TT-1, which is a modest-by-high-end-standards $2500, sold with a 12" carbon-fiber tonearm for a combined price of $3000. It's to be available in three months.

shinri's picture

Wasn't Perpetual Technology one of Mark Schifter's companies? I'm not sure if it's a good marketing move to put that connection in people's minds.

It could be the perspective, but the arm looks substantially longer than 12 inch.