TacT Audio RCS 2.0 digital equalizer/preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Two-channel DSP-based room-correction system and digital preamplifier. Includes complete FFT measurement system, calibrated microphone, digital volume control with 0.1dB resolution, IR remote control, 2 RS-232 ports, 1 microphone input (XLR). Digital inputs: 3 S/PDIF, 1 AES/EBU, 1 TosLink. Digital outputs: S/PDIF, AES/EBU, TosLink. Optional: ADC and 4 analog inputs (3 RCA, 1 XLR). Optional: DAC and 2 analog outputs (RCA and XLR). Resolution: 16-24-bit. Sampling frequencies: 44kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz. No distortion or noise in digital domain. Power requirement: 62-265V, 50-60Hz.
Dimensions: 17.5" (450mm) W by 3.5" (89mm) H by 14.4" (370mm) D. Shipping weight: 19.8 lbs (9kg).
Serial number of unit reviewed: 01133.
Prices: RCS 2.0AA (as tested, with A/D and D/A modules), $4248; RCS 2.0 D/D, $2950 (basic version, digital in/out only); D/A module, $599 (24-bit/96kHz converter module for analog output); A/D module, $699 (24-bit/96kHz converter module for analog input). Approximate number of dealers:15.
Manufacturer: TacT Audio ApS (global), Horhavevej 66, DK-8270 Hojbjerg, Denmark. Tel: (45) 86-277-500. Fax: (45) 86-274-500. E-mail: lyngdorf@tactaudio.com. US distributor: TacT Audio, Inc., 201 Gates Road, Unit G, Little Ferry, NJ 07643. Tel: (201) 440-9300. Fax: (201) 440-5580. Web: www.tactaudio.com.