Sony TA-P9000ES multichannel analog preamplifier Kalman Rubinson July 2002

Kalman Rubinson wrote about the Sony TA-P9000ES in July 2002 (Vol.25 No.7)

As evinced by postings I've seen on the Internet, my TA-P9000ES is neither unique nor the worst offender when it comes to noise pickup. In fact, I've corresponded with one reader who complains of severe noise problems with three different samples of that model. With a little sharp elbowing, I got an official response from Sony that addressed the problem:

"Although the TA-P9000ES is compatible with most amplifiers, it may occasionally exhibit oscillation noise when used with certain products. If this occurs, Sony recommends taking the TA-P9000ES to an authorized dealer or service center, where this can be remedied by repositioning a wire located on the main board."

According to Sony, all new production of the TA-P9000ES will include this change. Of the several amps I've use with the TA-P9000ES, only with the Theta Intrepid was the problem severe enough to require that service. On the other hand, the Theta was perfectly well-behaved with the other preamps I tried.—Kalman Rubinson

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