Kal Rubinson reviews the Sony SS-AR-1 loudspeaker ($27,000/pair) in the July 2011 Stereophile, due to hit newsstands next week, so I’d highly recommend reading his review if you want to know about these wonderful-sounding speakers. In addition to the Sony SS-AR1s, equipment in this room included Pass Labs X350.5 monoblocks, Sonoma 32 DSD multitrack recorder and editor, EMM Labs CDSD, EMM Labs DAC6SE, EMM Labs Switchman 3, with cable from Kimber Kable. System price, with two pairs of the Sony SS-AR1s, was $263,220.

We listened to a gospel track and the sound was expansive and detailed, with pinpoint imagining and all in all offered a truly moving performance. In this case, the Sonys seemed to enjoy this large ballroom, which makes me wonder what they'd be like in a normal listening room.

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This exact same photo is used for a different room/system description in the Stereophile coverage. I believe the system in the photo is not the one described in the text. The speakers are Magico, I believe, not Sony.

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Thanks Mr. Slavin. Finger problems on my end. - JA

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Pass Labs X350.5s are stereo amps.

Pass Labs monoblocks include the X260.5, X600.5 and X1000.5, or the XA60.5, XA100.5, XA160.5 and XA200.5.

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