Sony PCM F1 Digital Audio Converter Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

Description: digital-audio converter for use with video recording systems. Inputs: stereo microphones (10k ohms unbalanced) or stereo line level (20k ohms). Outputs: Audio line level, PCM copy, video connections to videocassette recorder. Quantization: Switch-selectable 14 or 16 bits.
Dimensions: Converter 8.5" W × 3.125" H × 12" D; external power supply 4.25" W × 3.125" H × 12" D.
Price: $1800 (1982); no longer available (2021).
Manufacturer: Sony Corp. of America, Park Ridge, NJ 07656 (1982); Sony Electronics Inc., 16535 Via Esprillo, San Diego, CA 92127 (2021). Web:

Sony Electronics Inc.
16535 Via Esprillo
San Diego, CA 92127

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Excellent reporting from JGH at a time when vinyl was still the primary audiophile medium!

And he only used mainly 14-bits resolution back in the day.

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I usually agreed to Gordon's seasoned comments in his reviews as he knew what he was talking about.

But for his above review, I would NOT. IMO, he seemed to be 'bewitched' by the then 'revolutionary' 14-bit digital technology as he concluded his above review by quoting:

"I am going to buy one (and its companion SL-2000 Betamax recorder) if I have to auction off my mother to do it!"

He acted like beside himself as if he were a huge impulse buyer !!

I said so from my vinyl experience. My vinyl music sounds better than my digital music processed by my 24bit/192KHz DAC fed by streaming & CD/DVDs. Yes, digital music sounds clean, quiet, transient fast etc etc.
Yet it lacks something, something we can only experience in a live concert !!!

Quality vinyl music does deliver this livelike feelig that digital misses, IMO.

An analogy is: an electrostatic loudspeakers (digital) vs conventional driver loudspeaker (analogue) !!

Listening is believing

Jack L

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Did JGH read my comment on the MQA thread? ;-)

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between posts. I thought of writing something about it, but did not want to seem paranoid.