T.H.E. Show Anaheim Postponed to 2018

What was to have been the first Southern California-based T.H.E. Show organized without input from its late co-founder, Richard Beers, who died in 2016, has been postponed until 2018. The inaugural T.H.E. Show Anaheim, as the former T.H.E. Show Newport Beach is now called, was to have taken place September 22–24 at the Hilton Anaheim.

The reasons for the late postponement are spelled out in a two-page letter to exhibitors, which was released on September 6 by Beers' close friend and long-time associate, Show President Maurice R. Jung. In the letter, which was shared with Stereophile by Lucette Nicoll of Nicoll Public Relations, Jung expressed his "deep regret" over the postponement.

Jung cites four reasons for the 11th hour cancellation:

1. Limited participation, which he ascribes to "too many shows and a lack of budgets."

2. T.H.E. Show's inability to come up with a six-figure payment, as required by Hotel Anaheim, on top of what had already been paid. "This would be financial unattainable with a 3-week notice before this Show!!" Jung writes.

3. Concern for the experience of exhibitors and attendees. "In our history, T.H.E. Show has never put on a mediocre event, not ever," writes Jung. "Richard Beers would never have done it and neither will 1. Many of you have already experienced a mediocre show recently, in some cases financially devastating to many businesses. Without a good Return of Investment (ROI), it's not good for you, T.H.E. Show or our customers. The word of mouth and print on a mediocre show goes far and wide."

4. The "most heartbreaking" reason of all: the diagnosis of Stage 4 (terminal) "small cell non-squamous" cancer on the part of Beers's life-long partner and second owner of T.H.E. Show, Beverly Harber. Harber, whom Jung calls "the talent behind the throne, so to speak," has recently moved from Salt Lake City to Jung's home in Las Vegas, where she is receiving care "in the company of family and friends."

"Cancer is truly a cruel and unforgiving disease," Jung writes of the affliction that has thrust itself upon the woman who "created some of the first course books, and also financed T.H.E. Show for many years" in the belief that it would help "an industry always under pressure to succeed."

Jung promises that all attendees and exhibitors will receive full refunds over the next 30 to 45 days. "Kyle Robertson from T.H.E. Show office will oversee the details to ensure a proper refund to all," he writes. He concludes by thanking all who have supported T.H.E. Show in the past, and expressing hope that they will return in 2018 when the new date is announced.

We at Stereophile realize that Jung and those close to him are dealing with a double blow at this time. We honor Jung's honesty, and extend our heartfelt support to him, Harber, and all who have gathered around them in their hour of need.

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I have a special love in my heart for what Richard Beers created and hope they can come back.

That time shift was lethal, as well.

Hopefully, 2018, two weeks before the LAAS! ;-D

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In 5 years...

RMAF, Axpona, CES?

Plus, mini-small-regional 'fests'?