Although a fair number of woman are now appearing audiophile shows, both as exhibitors and attendees, rare is the woman who attends without her partner/spouse/significant other. Meet Sheri Morgenroth, who founded the Houston Audio Society eight years ago. Currently an engineer by day, and married to a man who cares not about our hobby/passion/obsession, Sheri was fascinated by records at a very early age. When she reached college, she grew very frustrated when her fellow music loving students wouldn't let her borrow their records because they judged her turntable and tonearm a hazard to their inner grooves.

After working like a dog all summer, Sheri saved up enough money to buy a $1000 set-up just like theirs. Once that far, there was no turning back.

Eight years ago, Sheri founded the Houston Audio Society. Now boasting a membership of over 200—it may be 250, but I was too busy eating breakfast to take notes—about 25 men attend monthly meetings. Correction, 25 men and one woman, who all too frequently has to cool the boys down whenever two or more come to the verge of blows over who is right in all matters audiophile.

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Sheri has a lot of contribution when it comes to the club. She is not just an audiophile but an avid Harley rider as well. I have always admired her dedication to the hobbies that she pursues.

Anis Y Jiwani

Houston Audio Society