Scansonics' Scandinavian Sonics

I have long admired the sound of the Danish-made Raidho speakers, but have found it difficult to relate to their prices—except for a small two-way, all well north of $10k/pair. I was then pleased to find out that there's a new Raidho-affiliated brand name: Scansonic HD. The speakers are made by Raidho on an OEM basis, and are generally of similar design but without all the refinements and hand-built construction of the Raidhos. The top-of-the-line MC-3.5, priced at a more modest $5000/pair, sounded very good indeed, with a clean, dynamic sound, and great imaging. A lot like the Raidhos, in fact.

The photos below are of the Raidho and Scansonic tweeters. Can you tell which is which?