Rosso Fiorentino, Graaf, and More

Jason Serinus mentioned the Rosso Fiorentino Florentia loudspeakers ($99,995/pair) in his report on the Graaf amplifier in the Avatar Acoustics room below. This four-way speaker enclosure features aluminum front panels and glass side panels and weighs 361.5 lbs. The midrange and treble units are mounted in an open baffle, while the top-mounted woofer and the twin 12" subs are mounted in sealed enclosure. The subs are driven by a 1500W amplifier and the sensitivity is claimed to be 89dB.

I listened to a very well-recorded track with vocal and acoustic guitar, which, to my astonishment, was by metal band Whitesnake. I was more comfortable with The Police’s "Every Breath You Take," which sounded equally fine on the Avatar system—until my listening was interrupted by Sarah Tremblay (left) and Carolyn St-Louis (right) from Montreal's SSI show.