Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole speakers and Norma electronics from AudioThesis of Texas

I first encountered consistently handsome Rosso Fiorentino speakers at a show years ago, and immediately encouraged a now-retired distributor to pick up the Italian brand. I'm so happy to discover that AudioThesis is now bringing them into the US.

Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole speakers ($8500/pair) with matching Fiesole Stands ($1500/pair) were paired with a Norma Revo IPA-140B ($8000) and Norma Revo DS-1 CD player/DAC ($6000), a Lumin P1 streamer ($10,000) acting as a transport into the Norma Revo DS-1's DAC, AudioQuest Niagara 7000 power conditioner ($9800) and Dragon cabling, and Caprice Audio CA Core plug and play optimization system, which acts as a grounding unit. A track from the soundtrack to The Astounding Eyes of Rita sounded very even and smooth with a really nice and firm bottom end. On more complex fare, an excerpt from the soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the system performed with aplomb. Air was one of many impressive qualities. A fine showing from components well worth checking out.