Robyatt Audio’s Analog Haven

When I walked into the Robyatt Audio room, I discovered that Robin Wyatt had come all the way from New York City to show people what a lovely, airy sound he could get from Jacintha’s “Here’s to Life” and other LP selections. “The man who recorded that LP used the same stereo Miyajima Kinsui cartridge that I’m using for playback,” he explained.

Wyatt, as I soon discovered, is an expert on the sound of tables, arms, and cartridges. Amidst 1001 questions from avid attendees, addressed in detail by Wyatt, I gave up trying to listen further to the system. There was no literature, but as best as I can discern from my notes, we were enjoying the show debut of the dc10audio Berlin loudspeakers ($6500/pair), which feature a horn tweeter. The remainder of the system consisted of a Tektron integrated amp ($3950) that features switchable output tubes, Tektron phono stage with Miyajima step-ups, VPI Classic 4 turntable with a custom tonearm wand from Miyajima, and Tel Wire cabling. I regret that there wasn’t time to linger until the discussion subsided and Wyatt played more music, because the sound was so good.

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"The man who recorded that LP used the same stereo Miyajima Kinsui cartridge that I’m using for playback,” he explained."


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The Berlins are such a cool looking speaker that I really fell in love with, however they really fell short at RMAF in my book.  Let's forget that every time I walked in the room and sat down, Robin stood immediately in front of and blocked the left speaker.  We can even forget that he talked so loudly, non-stop to other people over the music, that anyone in their right mind would've walked right out.  I did.  


We can even forget the shoddy selling practices by the dc10audio "sellers" on Ebay (and Audiogon), where (on eBay) they repeatedly pull the listing at the last minute because the bidding didn't go high enough. And now that RMAF is over, I'm sure we can even forget the offer I was told when I contacted dc10audio on the phone a couple weeks prior to RMAF in September: There's a package deal consisting of speakers and stands for $3800. Well, that actually is (er, was) a great thing.  And maybe, just maybe, what I've outlined is simply an unfortunate chain of "coincidental" events, but...

The one thing I can't forget is the dryness of the sound quality coming from those beautifully carved horns.  Of course I can't comment on the soundstage, imaging or anything else due to what I've outlined above.  What I will comment on is this: There are a lot better sounding offerings for a lot less, all having the backing of companies who at least have the perception of caring about the image they portray to their market; companies whose owners and team members have enough sense to humbly step aside and allow their equipment to do the talking.

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I poped in to this room as I was thrilled to see these big wooden horns on the dc10audio Berlin stand mount speaker. I was also amazed at the clearity and realism of the sound they were producing in-fact I was having a real moment with this gear when all of a sudden Robin? poped the tubes out of the tektron amplifier and Destroyed my moment! I left peed-off  tryed to get back in again but the room was fully packed every time I tried to finish my listen.Too bad for them. The Berlin was my favorite speaker at the entire show even though my bliss lasted for only 40 seconds. I think this company is really innovative as the horn is both the tweeter and the bass port and there is some kind of vibrator inside (kinky). I'll be looking for a dealer here in LA to procure the Berlin as I'm sold on it ..But shame on the Carnies at the show!!

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When a customer considers purchasing a product from a manufacturer boasting the type of "integrity" as outlined by three reviewers now (including that of Jason Serinus above), the potential client must undoubtably look at things like customer service, follow through, build quality, etc.  While it's unfortunate that fledgling companies still make the aforementioned mistakes with regard to image, branding, pricing strategies and so forth, I'd be more than cautious in throwing $6,500 at a product whose corporate structure (let alone pricing strategies) lacks complete focus.  DC10AUDIO is so befuddled with mixed messages that establishing any sort of relationship with them, let alone a lasting relationship, would be utterly frought with more of the same confusion and chaos that I encountered at RMAF 2012 and several months prior.

Perhaps dc10audio might invest more dollars in their internal affairs.  Things like defining their marketing strategies and updating their mission statement (hey dc10, do you even have one?) could be ironed out with even the most basic of surveys and focus groups.  Using eBay and Audiogon to test the waters speaks more to the "Carny" atmosphere that was exhibited at RMAF 2012 and prior, than to a company who is serious about entering an already highly niched HiFi market; whose clientele are uber sophisticated and very discriminating with their tastes down to the last detail of sound nuance and style, and whose dollars are less than likely to leave their wallets when such a lack of focus and clarity is portrayed within the very structure of the company itself.  

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I don't understand your motive bashing a tiny brand like dc10audio.

You say that you don't own them and don't want them but seem to be highly motivated to speak down at dc10 on every level..Why? Do you work for another speaker company? After looking over at the dc10 website and reading some testimonials it seems like their customers are UBER HAPPY with their choice. Being a lawyer for 20+ it's obvious that you are a competitor or just a little loony. As for the sound I'll put my ears up againts most and the Berlin is a totally cracking loudspeaker. If you don't like them don't buy them! don't eat green eggs and ham.  Is it O.K. if i like them??

Goofs like you make blogging so fun

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I own a pair of Instrument 8PS and the clarity and imaging are on point. Where the company seem to lack in marketing and presentation is made up in product quality and sound/engineering. I read the comments above. Too bad. I love these speakers. I have paired them with tube gear - everything from low powered SET to High powered push-pull.

They are by far the best speakers I have ever owned.