Richard Beers and his Acolytes

The Hilton Lobby was a happening place on Thursday evening. While John and I were schmoozing away in one area, Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Show (center), had gathered around himself a throng of young acolytes, aka show helpers, for their pre-show orientation. Wearing his "Beers" T-shirt, Richard was positively glowing as he schooled his admirers in the fine art of registering people and directing them from place to place.

Not that his orientation was entirely successful. When, on Saturday at 1:30pm, I dashed downstairs trying to catch the tail end of John Atkinson's seminar, "What Speaker Measurements Mean," I discovered that, despite the excellent signage, a number of people at the registration table in the Hilton had no idea where the seminars were. All they knew was how to direct someone to the wrong location. But they did smile most beguilingly.