Register to Win Well Rounded Sound's WRS WP 2 desktop speakers

At the recent New York Audio and AV Show, I was impressed by both the sound and appearance of Well Rounded Sound’s desktop speakers.

Designed and manufactured right here in NYC, the Well Rounded Sound speakers use American hardwoods from sustainably harvested forests. While several WRS models are available wrapped in bright colors of New Zealand wool, the company’s flagship desktop design, the WRS WP 2, is finished in handsome American Walnut. You love American Walnut. The WP 2 uses a bamboo-reinforced paper-cone driver, has a rated impedance of 8 ohms, sensitivity of 88dB, and frequency range of 72Hz–20kHz. I bet it would look really nice on your desktop. Want a pair?

For the chance to win a pair of Well Rounded Sound WRS WP 2 desktop speakers, all you have to do is register at What are you waiting for? Good luck! I hope you win.

remlab's picture

The full range 4" Tang Band paper cones used in this model sound (believe it or not) astonishingly musical and accurate (after break in). Also, the controled dispersion in the high frequencies make these speakers perfect for desk top use. Whoever wins them is going to be pleasantly surprised..

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Chr*st, those are ugly. They look like something cobbled together In a garage back in the 70's.

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I love the look.

tdherbert's picture

I'm a woodworker and I love the look of walnut!

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Well, Stephen, just goes to show there's no accounting for taste! ;-)

BTW, as you cover the entry level of high-end, ask JA to get a Schiitt Bifrost DAC for you to review. I owned one for three and a half months before getting my 121 and I am confident you will find them way cool, as I did.

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I made something very similar a few years back with acacia utensil holders from Target (discontinued)  

and the same drivers. My college age son still uses them for his computer speakers and loves them.