Red Wine Audio's Renaissance Edition

With his Renaissance Edition components, Red Wine Audio’s Vinnie Rossi says he aimed to fuse traditional and modern design elements. The battery-powered Signature 16 integrated amplifier ($1995) has a beautiful real wood chassis and a chrome top plate held in place with simple thumbscrews for easy access to the tubes inside. The amp is rated to deliver 16Wpc into 8 ohms.

Partnered here with the Renaissance Edition Bellina Pro battery-powered DAC ($2495), which offers a choice of 16/44.1 or 24/192 playback, and driving a pair of Harbeth Monitor 30.1 loudspeakers, the Signature 16 helped create a clean, non-fatiguing sound.

Red Wine Audio’s Renaissance Edition components are available now in a choice of cherry, walnut, or maple finish. In addition, Rossi says almost all internal circuit boards have been redesigned for improved sound, while all tubed components offer the choice of 6922 and 12AX7 tubes. The Signature 16 integrated is now also available with the same single-ended headphone stage found in Red Wine’s Renaissance Edition headphone amps.—Stephen Mejias

Jason Victor Serinus comments: Vinnie Rossi named his new battery-powered electronics after his two daughters. All—the electronics, that is—are powered by lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, aka LifePO4, which are also used in electric cars. The Liliana monoblock amplifiers ($5995/pair) have a class-A tube input stage and class-A/B MOSFET output stage and RCA inputs; they output 115W into 8 ohms, and 230 into 4. Most important of all, Liliana herself is 2¾.

The Isabella preamp ($4000 base price), named after Vinnie’s six-year old, can be customized with phono, DAC, and headphone options. Using 6H30 super tubes, it offers switchable gain, 3 analog inputs, two analog outputs, and remote control.