PSB's AffordableT3 Tower

Speaker designer Paul Barton is not known for coming up with new models willy-nilly, so a new model that represents a potential advance in sound quality—rather than just meeting a particular price point—is a significant event. The new speaker is the T3 ($7500/pair), and represents collaboration with a different overseas manufacturing facility than earlier models like the T2.

All the drivers are new: a titanium-dome tweeter with ferrofluid neodymium magnet, a compressed felt/fibreglass-cone midrange unit with mastic compound coating and rubber surround, and a woofer of similar construction. Claimed frequency response is 24Hz–23kHz, ±3dB. With electronics from the NAD Masters Series, the sound of the T3 with an orchestral recording came across as big, well-balanced, and effortless. Paul Barton has another winner here.