Project K622 Who Did What With What

Sidebar 2: Who Did What With What

Producer: John Atkinson
Engineer, analog editor: Tony Faulkner
DSD editing: Finesplice
LP mastering engineer: Stan Ricker
SACD booklet and LP sleeve design: Michaelson Rock
Microphones: Two Neumann M50c omnis on a 27" AEA stereo bar (main pickup), with an AKG C24 crossed figure-8 (clarinet spot) and three Schoeps CMC65ug cardioids (wind spots)
Mike preamps: EAR 824M
Mixing console: Tim de Paravicini custom design
Cables: Mogami (mikes to preamps), Belden 11-way "snake" (preamps to console), van den Hul carbon-fiber (console to recorders)
DSD converter: dCS 904
DSD data storage: Genex GX8500 hard-disk recorder, archived on an external Panasonic SCSI DVD-RAM drive
PCM downsampling for "Red Book" SACD layer: Sonoma digital audio workstation
Analog recorder: Studer A80RC two-track, modified by Tim de Paravicini, using ¼" tape at 15ips with Dolby-A noise reduction
Control-room monitoring: Quad ESL-989s driven by EAR monoblocks using Naim speaker cable; Sennheiser HD-600 headphones driven by Musical Fidelity amplification