Professional Headroom Letter

Bob Ludwig's letter also appeared in February 1997 (Vol.20 No.2):

Editor: Congratulations on selecting the Nagra-D as Stereophile's 1996 Product of the Year. We use the Nagra-D at Gateway Mastering Studios to play back tapes made by Jerry Bruck and Peter McGrath (and others), and to store the output of our dCS 88.2/96kHz A/D converter, as well as other 24-bit digital signals....This machine has the most accurate clock reference frequency and lowest jitter of any digital gear we have measured. The Nagra-D is also one of the safest ways we have of archiving digital material. It is a stunning piece of gear, in my opinion.

At Gateway Mastering, we are privileged to serve the elite of the record industry. It boggles my mind to report that, as 1996 grows to a close, producers still send over 99% of their digital masters to us on 16-bit, 44.1kHz DAT. There is no reason why professionals can't use professional formats like the Nagra-D, and it pains me that they don't.—Bob Ludwig, President, Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, ME