Prismatic Sound from Joseph Audio

Jason Serinus has already reported on the excellent sound being produced by Joseph Audio’s Pearl Mk.3 speakers ($31,500/pair), which were being shown in their new, white finish and were being driven by the new Bel Canto "Black" electronics. But of more interest to this reporter were two new models from Jeff Joseph, who is shown in my photo with a pair of the Prism standmounts ($3699/pair) and a single Profile floorstander ($6999/pair).

The enclosures of both speakers are subtly profiled to give non-parallel walls (hence the Prism nomenclature) and the design goal of the Prism was to give "80% of the performance of the Pulsar" (very favorably reviewed by Michael Fremer in June 2012) at half the price. The rear-port–loaded woofer uses an aluminum cone rather than the Pulsar’s magnesium cone and the tweeter is a dual-section unit from SEAS.

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At another audio expo in 2013, I had the privilege to hear the Joseph Audio Pulsar.  The speaker was among the very best that I had the opportunity to hear at that (very large) exposition.

Ably powered by Hegel amplification, I was astounded by the enormous soundstage emitted by the Pulsar.  It was as if a Grand Canyon-sized sound came out of a small boulder at the floor on the side of the Colorado River.

This speaker is a "Honda Civic" which carries a load more ably than some of the "Ford F-350s" that I heard earlier in the show.

The sound of the Joseph Audio Pulsar was matched by the superb build quality of the speakers.  This room was one of my last stops in a show that was winding down; that last 20 minutes of the show was among the best.

I look forward to seeing the Profile at a future show.

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