PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium integrated amplifier Specifications

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Description: Tubed, remote-controlled, stereo integrated amplifier. Tube complement: four 12AU7, four EL34 or KT88. Inputs: 4 pairs RCA, 1 pair HT bypass. Outputs: 4 and 8 ohm transformer taps. Maximum output power: 35Wpc with EL34s (15.6dBW), 40Wpc with KT88s (15.9dBW). Frequency response: 20Hz–30kHz, ±0.5dB. THD: <1% at full power. Signal/noise: 89dB. Input sensitivity: 300mV. Power Consumption: 300W.
Dimensions: 14.5" (370mm) W by 8" (205mm) H by 15.5" (400mm) D. Weight: 46.3 lbs (21kg).
Serial Number of Unit Reviewed: 1004798 (auditioning); 10115729 (measuring).
Price: $2299. Approximate number of dealers: 35.
Manufacturer: Durob Audio BV, PO Box 109, 5250 AC Vlijmen, The Netherlands. Tel: (31) 73-511-25-55. Web: US distributor: PrimaLuna USA, 1042 North Mountain Avenue, Suite B PMB 406, Upland, CA 91786. Tel: (909) 931-9686. Web:

Durob Audio BV
US distributor: PrimaLuna USA
1042 North Mountain Avenue, Suite B PMB 406
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 931-9686

Flushingmedows's picture

Well written review, gives a clear picture for one who is in hi-end and the other who is building the hi-fi system. 

I have read many reviews, but this one is the only one that gives clarity to both the sides of the coin.

Once again, well written.

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You say ML Motif is 0.52 ohms at 20kHz and your measurements imply the amplifier's output impedance is 2.5 ohms on the 8 ohm tap.

If we assume the Motif might have a 16 ohm impedance peak somewhere in its pass band (a reasonable assumption) then the voltage at the Motif will vary by 14dB between that impedance peak and the 0.52 ohms at 20kHz. that's a recipe for changing the sound of the Motif :)

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You reviewed this amplifier with 3 powered woofer speakers. How can this describe anything about the amplifiers ability to produce bass or handle a full frequency speaker load? Also I am not the least bit interested in your comments regarding it's sound quality as compared to those other very expensive components. What good is that to someone (me) interested in this amp? Compare it to like priced units that the reader most likely will be considering. I'm 61 YO and have been reading stereophile & tas for all of my adult life. At least 80% of your reviews, not just yourself, are of dubious merit.