The Passion of the Magic of the Exception

I don’t really know what to say about this, so I’ll just quote the press release:

The role of an High End amplifier is to reproduce the music, all the music.

Amateur of beautiful often unique parts, GoldAmp is the Only One. An exceptional musical know-how. Celebrate interpreter who knows how to be forgot. A magnificent story which can be told by moments of complicity in the emotion. Reunion with classicals works henceforth dear to our hearts.

GoldAmp is not a part of these creations inspired by the decorative arts and associating the lacquer, the varnish, the talent of a big designer and the know-how of a house where the excellence joins on each of the parts realized by this name. But an atypical creation and the magic of the simplicity which takes all its shape. It is hardly if some sketches show this try to work again the shape of the amplifier. With a particular attention and a sense of the delicious detail, those who tried, admitted finally that this music box had a shape which it would be impossible to drawn again. The passion of the magic of the exception in a device music amplifier at home.

I know it’s cheap of me to poke fun at such an easy target, but whatever. John Atkinson made me do it.

The Amp comes shaped like gold bullion for a “golden musical experience.” The hand crafted device offers power of “100 Watts @1 Ohm of load capacity” so that the speakers receive maximum electrical signals without loss because of the resistance of the electrical circuit.

The 24 carats gold of this 120mm x 94mm x 34 mm amplifier comes with a specially crafted "touch" that feels like a real gold bullion. It weighs just 800 grams, and uses advanced engineering, which basically means that fewer wires and shorter distance between output speakers and amplifying device, that offers better sound quality.

This chick looking device can be yours for a price tag that can read between $32,490 and $34,490.

What else is there to say? Here's another chick-looking device.
I can't think of anything else. I guess we shouldn’t knock it until we’ve heard it.

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Maybe English is the product describer's next language.

Entertaining read.


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Looks like something from Mapleshade.

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They were going pretty good until they fizzed out with "advanced engineering", and "basically means".  No poetry at the end.

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On price per inch cubic, is of most luxurious level! Only one input is having? Other perhaps by thought-transference is??

Would makers from Russia this amplifier be?