The Perfect Headphone Design?

The subject of the e-mail was “boobsheadphones.” Inside, a simple question (“Can you tell me if these are real?”) was followed by a link to an interesting YouTube video.

Dear reader:
I’m more of a leg man, but I sure hope they are real.
My advice? Squeeze them and find out.


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Do these come in a 44DD for Jon Iverson?

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At first I was wondering why would someone say that? Then I remembered my user photo. Duh!

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I would like to see someone walk down the street with these just to see other people's reactions!

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... without all the discomfort of cans? Squeeze out every ounce of music! Optional warmers for natural comfort.

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Titillating sound.

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Delicious, creamy sound.

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Haven't you milked this subject for all it's worth?

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Doh - lol :D