Ortofon MC-2000 MC phono cartridge Larry Archibald appends a comment

Larry Archibald appends a comment

I've not spent nearly the time with the MC-2000 that JGH has, but I observe generally the same sonic character. I differ, however, with his final statements. I think the MC-2000 will do splendidly in most analog systems. And, although the tonal balance similarities between good CDs and the MC-2000 were not lost on me, the actual character of the sound from the two sources was, to my ears, quite different. Most noticeable with the MC-2000 was an extraordinary naturalness. a quality that made you relax and, at the same time, perk up at the lifelike qualities in the music!

For me the term "soundstage" took on a whole new meaning. Not only was there a room, and instruments in the room but there were subtle nuances within the room and near the instruments that were a definite, though subtle, addition to the facsimile effect of sound reproduction. Other than this one difference of opinion, I would say that JGH and I are of one mind about the excellence of this product.—Larry Archibald

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