Orpheus 808 loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

The test procedure followed, with minor changes, that established for my previous loudspeaker reviews: each pair was used with a Mark Levinson No.26/No.20 combination—amplification unlikely to be used with any of these speakers but which would undoubtedly get the best from them—a Marantz CD94 CD player used via its optical digital output to feed a Marantz CDA94 outboard DAC unit, and a 1987 Linn Sondek/Ittok/Troika combination sitting on a Sound Organization table.

The Orpheus 808 loudspeakers were carefully positioned for optimum performance, and coupled to the tile-on-concrete floor beneath the rug with their integral spikes. In addition to a rigorous listening test, with no other speakers in the room, the loudspeakers were used for an extended period of everyday use.—John Atkinson

Company no longer in existence (2022)

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Not all reviews were positive in the old days! Stereophile tells the truth, and fortunately most, if not almost all audio products are now tonally accurate and do most things right vs. wrong.

There were many other reviews of speakers that were not recommended, as well as amps and sources... so many more from a ratio standpoint vs. today. The overall level of product quality has created that reality, IMO.

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I've never read a single review in Stereophile before this that's honest about a product's weaknesses, and it was published years ago!

Has editorial and journalistic integrity declined?