Onkyo A-9555 integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Source: Linn LP12 turntable with Lingo power supply, Linn Ittok tonearm, AudioQuest AQ7000 nsx cartridge.
Digital Sources: PS Audio Lambda II CD transport; Perpetual Technologies-ModWright P-1A/P-3A digital processors with Monolithic Sound P3 power supply.
Preamplification: Bryston TF-1 step-up transformer.
Integrated Amplifiers: PS Audio GCC-100, Flying Mole CA-S10.
Loudspeakers: Avantgarde Acoustic Uno 3.0.
Cables: Digital: Mystic Reference I2S, Illuminati Orchid AES/EBU. Interconnect: PS Audio xStream Statement. Speaker: Nordost Valhalla. AC: PS Audio xStream Power, Shunyata Research Taipan, TARA Labs Decade.
Accessories: HiFi-Tuning fuses, PS Audio P500 AC regenerator; Bright Star Little Rock (atop CD transport), Shakti stone (atop Monolithic Sound P3 power supply); Arcici Suspense Rack, PolyCrystal amplifier stands; Furutech RD-2 CD demagnetizer.—Robert Deutsch

Onkyo U.S.A. Corporation
18 Park Way
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
(201) 785-2600

Alec in San Francisco's picture

Alec in San Francisco's picture

Hi, I own an A-9555 that I've been very happy with.  I've been driving 8-ohm B&Ws with it, but I've been thinking of buying a pair of 6-ohm Monitor Audio speakers.  I'm not technically savvy enough to understand more of this writeup that a harmonic appearing with 4 ohms and the general conclusion that the amp is more comfortable with higher impedances.  In your opinion, would it be comfortable at 6 ohms?

John Atkinson's picture

Shouldn't be a problem, Alec.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

Alec in San Francisco's picture

Thanks, John!  I really appreciate the reply.

Madmax's picture

Or can you recommend other amps in that price range that would be a good match? Thanks in advance!!

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Hi there,Got a problem with it,take it to service center and guess what? the part is broken is not available any more. (((
It is 1B093508-1B
Can anybody help to direct where i can find it or any other replacement that is possible?Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you
Best Regards