Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold

On first glimpse, Nola’s Carl Marchisotto appeared to be demming the same Concert Grand Reference Gold loudspeakers he had shown at the 2013 CES. However, those were the preproduction protypes and the 2014 show featured the production version. Costing the same $197,000/pair, the speaker features a new ribbon supertweeter taking the response up to 100kHz and two new Gold Technology woofers operating below 40Hz. Driven by an Audio Research Reference 75 stereo amplifier and an Audio Research Reference 10 preamp, with source two United Home Audio Tape decks running 15ips, 2-track analog tape and hooked up with Nordost Odin cabling, the sound in this room had an impressive, full-range sweep that usefully loosened up as the show progressed and the speakers/system broke in.

The United Home Audio decks are based on Tascam VR20 chassis, but with a proprietary low-inductance, low-impedance head for which dedicated replay electronics had to be designed. The deck in the photo was a cost-no-object version, using a separate power supply (at the base of the stack).

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I heard Nola at Newport. They do hold your attention!

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Is that the first system I've seen from this show where the equipment was placed to the side of the room instead of between the speakers? (yes, I'm a Jim Smith/Get Better Sound fan).

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Most of the equipment was along the side wall, but the amps, I believe, were in the middle. You can see the edge of one of the amp stands in the photo. John, please correct me if I'm wrong.