Nick Drake's Mama.

I would be ashamed of myself if I did not share this with you.

With cooing vocals rich with longing guided by a gentle stream of tape hiss, a recently unearthed batch of recordings from Molly Drake elicits memories real and imaginary.

I've touched on the subject of the collision of music and memories—how music can transfer the listener from one space and time to the next affirming Kurt Vonnegut's theories of Trafalmadorian time travel, which proclaim each moment of time is interconnected. One can transfer in and out of moments, both past, present, and future. In this case, the vehicle of time transportation is the music of Molly Drake. And while I can't say I've ever experienced my own mother quivering like Edith Piaf in front of a living room piano with such convicting and mournful words as, "I remember firelight / You remember smoke...I remember willow trees / You remember gnats...I remember oranges / And you remember dust," that doesn't mean I haven't felt the sadness Drake shares. Drake contrasts the subjectivity of memory in these lines. She remembers sweetness (oranges), but her lover remembers none (dust). Despite the connectivity of memories and music, it is different for each person experiencing it.

This depth could have only come from one woman, Molly Drake, who could have only given birth to one special little boy, singer-songwriter Nick Drake. An unreleased collection of Molly Drake's songs will be released by Squirrel Things Recordings on March 5, 2013. The songs were recorded in living room sessions on tape and direct-to-disk recorders in the Drake household in the 1950s. Molly Drake's piano ballads and telling imagery puts you both in her shoes and in that living room. Like her son's music, Drake's songs carry both a pensive sadness and a star-gazing optimism.

The recordings were restored by John Wood, the engineer on all three of Nick Drake's albums. The CD can be pre-ordered from Amazon. On Amazon one can also hear extended clips of songs unavailable on the bandcamp page. The CD includes a custom letterpress jacket, a sixteen page booklet of family photos, and a biography of Molly Drake by daughter Gabrielle. Hopefully her collection of memories can paint this musical heritage a little bryter.

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“Fathers and teachers, I ponder `What is Hell?’ I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.” Dostoyevsky

If you listen to "I Remember...," and feel tears welling up; be grateful, because that is how you will know you that are not in Hell.

Thanks, Ariel.

Eternal Rest to Nick, and to his parents.

I cannot conceive of anything harder, than having to select, from one's son's songs, the lines to be carved on his gravestone.

John Marks

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I believe this material is already available on the compilation album, Family Tree. Spooky sweet? To say the least. 

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were on family tree. thanks for the tip.

the rest are unreleased, i believe.

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I think Family Tree only has a couple tracks with Molly Drake, then a couple tracks from Nick's sister.  Is it true the Drake family has kept Nick's room as it was all those years ago? That's what I heard.  

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Ordered! Kudos to John Wood for doing the work!

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This music feels good.

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The Molly Drake CD arrived. It's beautifully done, a collector's delight. The booklet with photos is all about Molly and family, and the CD even has an LP-like inner sleeve.

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Thanks for the report!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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