NFS Resurrected at PAF!

Stop the presses! The wittiest of Stereophile's legacy posters, our very own Anton, has returned to the audio show realm. Once again ensconced in his unique NFS room—NFS stands for "Not for Sale"—Anton has rented a penthouse suite at PAF in which to seduce showgoers with mood lighting, a vintage/homebrewed system, and lots and lots of hard brew (as in alcohol).

Shown on the left, with his buddy Mike Alazard, aka "Big Mike", on the right (with his face marked by NFS's light show projections), Anton Dotson, aka Rusty Trombone, aka he whose name we shall never know, was in the midst of setting up the system when I banged on the locked door and begged to be let in. Asked why he invested so much money in displaying a system that was not for sale, Anton replied, "For the love of it."

Let us all raise a proverbial glass of whatever works best for us—mine is filled with kombucha—in praise of the great Anton. Long may we be blessed by his joy and wisdom.

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the sound


Jason Victor Serinus's picture

of one hand clapping.

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that is an asthma doctor in Chico and a wine enthusiast? Just curious.

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I love you big guy! AND the things you do!

I assume this is my very own Anton here in the pages of Stereophile comments section.

If I am missing something here, please smack me in the face with love.

I can only hope to hear your room next year! I'll bring booze!

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

remains unblemished.