New Phono Preamplifier From Bryston

Bryston also showed, for the first time, value-oriented phono stages for moving-coil and moving-magnet phono cartridges, as well as a power supply for these two units.

I was most interested in the $1500 Bryston Moving Magnet (BMM) phono stage, with built-in TF-2 step-up transformers. It offers four capacitative loading options to match any cartridge. The modularlity of this package was evident, because one can get just the $1200 TF-2 step up transformer with its 20dB or 31dB noise-free boost, just the $800 BMM moving-magnet phono preamplifier or the $1500 combination in the same chassis. Power can be sourced from the Bryston BP-26 preamplifier power supply or from the stand-alone $1000 PS-3 power supply.