New Concept Active Turntable from Clearaudio

In the room sponsored by distributor Musical Surroundings, I spied Clearaudio's new Concept Active turntable ($2600 to $4400, depending upon choice of three plinths, three tonearms, and three cartridges). The version I saw was $3200 in black and silver with Concept tonearm and Concept MC cartridge. This all-in-one, ready-to-play system incorporates a high quality internal phono stage and headphone amp.

I took a brief listen through Audeze LCD-3 headphones equipped with standard cabling. Despite a lot of groove noise—it may have been the pressing—and an inability to deliver the bottom octave with the weight it deserved, the Concept Active package did a beautiful job with strings, and delivered a lovely, airy presentation.

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So, is the Concept Active really something "active" or is it merely a concept?

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being actively a turntable/phono combo, I believe. But I like the idea behind the concept: "Don't worry about what phono stage or headphone amp to buy, get both for free when you purchase a Clearaudio turntable!" Sounds simple, and fun.

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Sounds simple, and fun.
Yes but not unprecedented.

And, I guess, it is active by the reverse analogy with "active" loudspeakers.