Naim's Super Lumina Cabling

Naim's new Super Lumina range of high-end interconnects and speaker cables was developed in parallel with its new, ultra-expensive Statement amplifiers. Designed to complement the Statement, 500 Series, and Classic products, the cables feature an advanced version of Naim's patented Air-Plug technology, and silver-plated over copper conductors, connectors, and terminations. Optional gold terminations for fitting with non-Naim equipment are available. Although US prices are not set yet, UK RRP prices including VAT for the source-to-preamp interconnects are from £1750/pair for RCA up to £3000/pair for XLR. The amp-to-preamp interconnect cost £3000/pair, and speaker cable goes for at £1800/3m pair.

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Thanks! for sharing JVS-

it is going to be interesting to hear how Naim improves on its already excellent line of cables!