NAD C 372 integrated amplifier Robert J. Reina, January 2007

Robert J. Reina wrote about the NAD in January 2007 (Vol.30 No.1):

I compared the Creek Destiny ($2395) to my own Creek 5350SE integrated ($1495). John Atkinson also sent along NAD's C 372 integrated ($899), which Jim Austin favorably reviewed in the October 2006 Stereophile.

The NAD C 372 had a sweet, delicate midrange, but revealed less detail than the Destiny, and vocals were not as holographically presented. The NAD's highs were less extended and airy, while the Destiny revealed more hall sound and ambience. The NAD's midbass, too, was warmer and not as defined as the Destiny's, which also did better with high-level dynamics.—Robert J. Reina

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