Mytek HiFi Brooklyn AMP+ power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog sources: Kuzma Stabi R turntable & Kuzma 4Point 11" tonearm; Schiit Sol turntable; EMT TSD 015 N MC & Koetsu Rosewood phono cartridges.
Digital sources: Asus laptop, Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.
Preamplifier: Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.
Integrated amplifier: Parasound Halo Hint6. Power amplifier: Shindo Haut-Brion.
Loudspeakers: Klipsch Forte III and RP-600M.
Cables: Interconnect: Shindo Laboratory, Triode Wire Labs Spirit II. Digital: Furutech GT2 Pro USB. Speaker: Auditorium 23. AC: Triode Wire Labs Obsession NFC, manufacturers' own.
Accessories: Kuzma Platis 65 isolation platform, IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius power conditioner, Salamander 5-tier rack, IKEA Aptitlig bamboo chopping boards (under preamp, turntable, power amps); mahogany blocks (2" × 2" × 0.5"). 3"-thick studio-treatment foam damping (ceiling, walls).
Listening room: 12' L × 10' W × 12' H, system set up along long wall, suspended wooden floor, 6"-thick walls over 2×4), wood-beamed ceiling.—Ken Micallef

Mytek Audio
148 India Street, 1st floor
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(347) 384-2687

tonykaz's picture

"best sounding" in the next few years ?

Thats a Strong extrapolation but coming from you I'd tend to embrace it. ( probably because I want it to be true )

I'm anxious to see the Class D Schiit and/or the Audio Research offerings.

Fingers crossed,

Tony in Venice Florida

ps. that lit front panel might be enough to push this device into a Buy-it-Now! event ( along with: Made in Poland, of course )

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"best sounding in the next few years ?"
"Thats a Strong extrapolation but coming from you I'd tend to embrace it. ( probably because I want it to be true )"

Follow what amps are using the new GaN fet as outputs, and it's believable.

Cheers George

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Class D amplifiers can’t pass Squarewaves so how do they have a perfect TF ..?


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a bit edgy.

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All audio amplifiers are bandwidth limited devices. The woofers and tweeters that they power are bandpass devices, and likewise the microphones. The better question to answer is how much bandwidth is needed to be fully sufficient for the recorded audio signal.

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Like its predecessor, Mytek's Brooklyn AMP+ is indeed a tiny powerhouse. It matched the measured performance of the original Brooklyn AMP in most ways but with a wider small-signal bandwidth and a lower level of ultrasonic noise. Even with its hair-trigger protection circuit, it will offer sufficient power into low-impedance loudspeakers with music signals.—John Atkinson

Ohhh please John , its an 8ohm amplifier and barely will sink sufficient current to deal with 4 ohm loads forget 2 .


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... the $2K NAD C 298 class D power amp, which uses the Purifi amp modules?
Tests have shown that it is capable of a continuous output of 260W @ 8Ω and 516W @ 4Ω.

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Ortofan wrote:
Will there soon be forthcoming a review of the $2K NAD C 298 class D power amp, which uses the Purifi amp modules?

Kal Rubinson reviews the C298 in the June issue.

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

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I am looking forward to reading Kal's review, and your measurements and associated comments.

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From the NAD press release at the link below, "The Eigentakt modules are manufactured by NAD under license from Purifi, allowing NAD to optimise these specifically in combination with the custom designed power supply and input stages of the C 298."

So there are no Purifi Eigentakt amplifier modules utilized within the NAD C 298, rather are modified designs manufactured under a technology license. It will be interesting to see if the design modifications and optimizations were more toward improving cost or performance, or perhaps both.

If somebody does not need to bridge the modules, they might do well to consider the Audiophonics LPA-S400ET which uses two off the shelf Purifi Eigentakt 1ET400A amplifier modules, one Hypex switch mode power supply module SMPS1200A400, and Audiophonic's in-house design interface board. Price is €1,124.17 plus S/H (taxes/duties?) from France. I have no affiliation. There are similar competing products from others, but Audiophonic's looks to be nicely assembled and includes cooling slots that some others seem to not include. The interface board includes balanced differential input and single ended input, includes a couple of choices in gain, and includes facility to bypass the input stage to drive the modules directly with outboard gear (if that upstream device can swing 10_Vrms differential output across a 2_kOhm load).

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Today Mr.Stoddard said: looks like the Sol will not continue in production.

I'm not giving a accurate quote here, just paraphrasing .

Schiit are doing a broadcast from the Texas Location, a tour of the Building with workers working and a rather long Q&A for Jason from the Audience.

Seems like the Sol is too much of a commitment ( my summary ).

I agree, my Retail outlet, Esoteric Audio, was a Turntable, Arm & MC Cartridge Specialist . It was great fun that involved Tons of critically technical workings accompanied by ample room for disruptions in quality. We maintained a complete diagnostic service.

1985 CDs killing vinyl was an emotional relief. ( for my family )

Today, I feel for the Vinyl people as Chad's beautiful and pricy offerings require all the best & priciest vinyl paraphernalia and a significant monthly purchase budget.

Tony in Venice Florida

Jim Austin's picture

First, it's not certain yet, although it's very likely that the Sol will be discontinued.

Pure speculation here, on my part, but I suspect we'll see it again, or a version of it, once supply chains stabilize and they've had a bit more time to refine the design--not so much from a functional standpoint but from a sustainability standpoint: They need a 'table they can consistently and successfully build. Profitably, too.

Jim Austin, Editor

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I'm really sorry and puzzled to hear that news. I thought the Sol was unbeatable for the $$$$. I really enjoyed my time with it.

Michael Fremer's picture

If they really are discontinuing the SOL they should license or give it away to someone else to manufacture. When correctly set up it sounded great for so little money. Yes it was “fiddly” but so was Heifetz!

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Thank you for writing back.

Mr.Stoddard explains that they are now selling 10X more than they forecasted and are experiencing acute Supply issues in every area.

They are also doubling in Factory Size with the two locations being 1,000 miles apart. ( I would NEVAH sign-off on an arrangement like that, these guys are designers not manufactureres )

I also suspect that these guys aren't Transducer specialists either. This player should've Sale-priced at $2,500 ( in my estimation ).

Overall, Schiit is HigherEnd Audio's Tesla type Company except they are growing much faster than their supply chain ( which seems one to two years behind )

For all us Schiit owners, Schiit gear sells for 80% of New Prices on eBay, residual values are outstanding.

Schiit is a Smash Success.

I was surprised that Stereophile reviewed the Sol but not surprised that Schiit can't quite make the darn things.

I wonder what a Cost Analysis would reveal.

Tony in Venice Florida

ps. Mr. Stoddard appears to have resigned himself to managing a Run-a-way demand situation accompanied with a backordering dilemma .

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Well stated!