Musical Fidelity Digilog D/A processor RH's 1988 System

Sidebar 2: RH's 1988 System

The system used for evaluating the three components consisted of a PS Audio 5.5 preamp (in Straightwire mode exclusively), Vortex Screen loudspeakers driven by Prodigy OTL tube power amplifiers, and Stax Pro Lambda Signature headphones. Included in the source material was a live recording I had just made as part of an appraisal of the Nakamichi 1000 DAT machine. I recorded acoustic guitar and acoustic bass duets in a church using tube microphones to fully explore the Nakamichi's capabilities (watch for a full report, as well as a review of the 1000, next month). I spent about 12 hours over two days listening to live music in the room and the mic feeds through Stax Pro Lambda Signature headphones. This experience provided an invaluable reference when playing back the DAT master tapes through the Digilog. In addition, I was able to test the inputs of the decoders at both 44.1kHz and 48kHz sampling rates.—Robert Harley

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