Music in the Round #54 Contacts

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Bryston Ltd. PO Box 2170, 677 Neal Drive, Peterborough, Ontario K9J 6X7, Canada. Tel: (800) 632-8217, (705) 742-5325. Fax: (705) 742-0882. Web:

XTZ AB, Gamla Nissastigen 19, 314 41 Torup, Sweden. Tel: (46) (0)345-20049. Fax: (46) (0)345-20800. Web: US distributor: XTZ Sound in Balance USA, Inc., 1298 Lakeview Drive, Romoeoville, IL 60446. Te;" (630) 441-2580. Web:


Treasuremountain's picture

Good article about an interesting product. Since you reviewed the Rotel RSP 1572 recently I would be interested to learn how you would rate the audio performance of these two surround processors both in conjunction with the Bryston 9B SST.  

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See part 2 of the review in the next column.