Music First Audio Baby Reference passive preamplifier Specifications

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Description: Passive control preamplifier. Standard fittings: two balanced XLR inputs, four unbalanced RCA inputs, and one pair each of balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs.
Dimensions: 9.75" (250mm) W by 3.4" (88mm) H by 10.1" (260mm) D.
Fimishes: Black, clear anodized, blue, or red faceplate.
Price: £5000 ($7800 at time of writing).
Manufacturer: Music First Audio, 20/23 Innovation Centre, Highfields Drive, Churchfields, St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex TN38 9UH, England, UK. Tel: (44) (0)1424-858260. Web: US Distributors: Hifilogic, Maplewood, NJ (by appointment only). Tel: (973) 313-9080. Web: High-Value AV, 320 Cedar Street, in MetaVinyl Records, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Tel: (831) 423-5523. Web: Fidelis AV, 14 East Broadway, Derry, NH 03038. Tel: (603) 457-4769, Web:

Music First Audio

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I auditioned a Music First Audio Baby Reference in my system over the Thanksgiving (2014) holiday, and I was thoroughly pleased with its performance. I currently have one on order and expect delivery sometime in January (2015).

Everything Sam states in his review vis a vis the merits of this component is true. When I listened to music via the Baby Reference it was as if the sound was being directly injected from the source straight into the power amp. Music became more lively, dynamic and clean (as in, no noise).

The bass response made itself known by vibrating my floors like never before, and the soundstage expanded both for and aft as well as laterally and horizontally. Indeed, it was as if the music had become unbound. Instead of fighting to come out of the speakers each note now took flight with a speed and agility I'd not experienced before. The breath of life had come to my home, and it arrived upon the shoulders of an unassuming little box that didn't even have a power cord.

Any audiophile worth his or her salt should try out a Baby Reference in his/her system. There are distributors in the USA who can lend a unit for this purpose.