Morel Octwin 5.2M loudspeaker Manufacturer's Comment

Sidebar 4: Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for such an insightful and well-versed review of our Octwin 5.2M speaker system, and for giving us this opportunity to introduce it to the US market.

For over 25 years, Morel has been designing and manufacturing high-quality drivers for other speaker manufacturers. Only recently, we have decided to re-introduce to the US market consumer products bearing the name Morel. Compared with other high-end manufacturers, Morel is in a very unique situation in that we have our own driver-development and -manufacturing facilities and full control over the entire manufacturing process, thus enabling us to focus our energy on developing newly advanced technologies to reach new standards of higher performance level.

The Octwin 5.2M truly represents Morel's philosophy when it comes to designing speakers: not to be a "me too" company, and to place the sonic qualities of a speaker at the forefront. The Octwin 5.2M introduces an interesting concept of modularity that does not sacrifice any sonic assets of the speaker, but rather provides consumers added-value flexibility and "fun" when purchasing an Octave pair, and upgrading it to an Octwin 5.2M speaker system.

We have taken Mr. Atkinson's comments regarding the resonance noise in the mid-frequency area very seriously and already have made some modifications to eliminate this noise from recurring. It is important to emphasize that in our testing of the Octwin 5.2 (Corian enclosure) we have not found any traces of this resonance noise.

In closing, the Octwin 5.2M speaker was designed for music-lovers. It is the kind of speaker that will bring a smile to one's face when listening to it. Morel will always continue to create products that are a joy to the eyes as well as the ears, and build them with the highest level of handcraftsmanship we could possibly muster. Thanks again to John Atkinson for his time and support.—Nir Paz, Marketing Manager, Morel

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