If an audio company is in a position financially and infrastructurally to build components to make a complete system, it probably makes sense to do so, especially when it comes to mid-priced gear that isn't necessarily audiophile oriented. A lot of people who like music and want quality sound, without feeling the need to go overboard in that department, want to be able to buy a turn-key system from a reputable company so they won't have to worry about finding components from separate companies that'll work well together. This same-brand system philosophy also makes sense for us, the audio diehards, because it serves our industry to have people want to join the good-sound crusade and support hi-fi companies in general, rather than completely avoid getting into quality audio because it's just too complicated and fiddly to do so.

It's why Moon by Simaudio launched its Voice 22 standmount speakers ($3800/pair, optional stands $500 extra). It was a response to all those customers who bought Moon's sweet-sounding ACE all-in-one music player, then asked: "So what speakers should I use with it?" The Voice 22s, that's what speakers.

Of course, the 22s don't work with just the ACE. At the show, they were connected to good effect to a 390 network player and preamp ($7900), a 125Wpc 330A power amp ($5300), while all cabling was by AudioQuest. Listening to streamed FLAC files, what I heard made a good argument for this complete-system stuff, and not just because the other visitors sitting with me kept exclaiming how impressed they were with the sound and the bass. But the bass was surprisingly good—deep and impactful. The 22 sounds much gutsier than its size might suggest. It delivered energized, room-filling sound that was satisfyingly rich-sounding. But it could also do delicate, refined, and natural, as it proved with vocals and acoustic instruments.

It was a convincing demo.

(All prices in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.)