Meridian Sooloos Control 15 in Black

Meridian didn't have any new digital products for me this year (I guess they've been busy outfitting those Jaguars with premium sound systems), so they only came up with the Control 15 in the new black finish for a photo. There is about 60 days supply of silver models still left, so grab one now if you want that colour.

The black model looks beautiful and is exactly like the silver one inside, retailing for the same price: $7,500. And IMO is still the best way to control a large library of full resolution music.

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Why is this best way for $7.5k? Why is this the best way compared to my DIY Vortexbox (Squeezebox) server with 9 TB of storage for my 6k FLAC albums and 2k Video files via Plex (Roku)? Why is this the best way when I get all this and more. I use an iPad or Android Phone/Tablet to browse my music from my Squeezebox Touch for all less than $1k? I can do this sitting in a chair. How do I hold this computer monitor in my lap?

Please explain, why is this the best way? Is it because it's available in Silver or Black - you spend a whole paragraph talking about this "feature"? Is it because you always like products that charge multi-thousands of dollars using open source off the shelf inexpensive technology? Why is this the best way?


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Hi CB.

You make a fine point. However, for more information on why Jon Iverson considers the Meridian Media System an optimal solution, you can read his complete review, and follow-up reviews, here.

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I'm not going to convince you on how.. since you already have a solution and you feel that it's the best. 

Those that have used the Meridian Sooloos AKA Meridian Digtial Music system can vouch for it's credibility.  The C15 catalogs and tags all your music with full featured credit and album info and constantly updates it in the background.

If you have a C15 and set Meridian speakers, there is no music system that come as close to fully integrated and matched system. No messing with cables, input sentitivities, mutliple remote, or component matching.  Heck, it uses CAT5 cable as the cabling.

This is a luxury product for those who don't want to waste time messing with Metadata and simply want listen to music.  Anyone can walk up to a Meridian Digital Music Server and start using it, make elaborate focused playlists, or swim through you music.

You also listed a bunch of software and stuff thay you have to add.. yes, Do it Yourself. This has it all in one product.

There is a difference between good and best.