MBL’s Corona Line

MBL’s Corona Line C-15 class-D monoblock amplifiers ($12,500 each) are rated at 500W into 4 ohms with low distortion, and none of the rising distortion with frequency found in other class-D designs. In addition, the distortion is load independent. This is a result of the circuit design MBL calls a "Linear Analog Switching Amplifier Design” (LASA). MBL designer Jurgen Reis was proud that the amplifier had been designed to meet the stringent South Korean "KT" consumer standard regulations, and "was on the way" to meeting the even more stringent "CCC" Chinese consumer requirements. Although the switching occurs at 300kHz, the amplifier is free of RF emissions up through several MHz because of extensive mu-metal shielding. The amplifier and preamplifier are available in several different cosmetics including a white or black chassis with center section in gold or chassis color. Matching C-11 preamplifier and C31 CD player, with price points are also available.

K.Reid's picture

Can I just say that the MBL Corona line is some of the most drop-dead georgeous looking and sounding components that I have heard. Pictures are nice but seeing them in person allows one to really appreciate the engineering, build quality and thought that goes into the design and accompanying sonics.  I saw and heard the C21 stereo amp last year and it's a real gem.

Knowing MBL, the C15 monoblocks takes thing up some notches. Just imagining the C15 driving the 101 gives me goosebumps. They are just absolutely "yummy" looking and sounding gear.

Yet again MBL advances the state-of-the-art. Reference caliber without a doubt - in black or white.