Marigo Whirls with Green Mountain

Roy Johnson of Green Mountain Audio (left) teamed with Ron Hedrick of Marigo Audio Labs (right) to create a system modest in appearance and generous in musicality. After pairing Green Mountain’s Eos HX top-of-the-line 2-way loudspeaker ($4995/pair) with a cheap Sony multi-disc changer and the Jeff Rowland Design Group’s Model 525 amp and Aeris DAC, they put Marigo’s Mystery Feet under the electronics, and used, in addition to Audio Magic power cords, Marigo Audio cables and, on CDs, Marigo’s new Ultimate High-Definition Signature Mat ($239).

The result, on a remaster of Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” was exceptionally clear sound, superb 3-dimensionality, and fine timbres. Before/after comparisons revealed that the mat rendered everything crisper, clearer, more 3-dimensional . . . in short, more real. This was especially apparent on a recording of baritone Matthias Goerne singing Schubert, where the mat not only enhanced the system’s beautiful midrange sonorities, but also had an almost magical effect on the piano. Having also heard the new Marigo mat improve the sound of a dCS Scarlatti transport in The Voice That Is room, I have a sense that Ron’s latest design improves the sound of virtually every transport and CD player, regardless of quality.

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I'd love to see a full-length review of these Eos HX speakers. I have a feeling the sonic qualities Mr. Serinus is reporting have more to do with the merits of these unique spekers than the associated equipment and tweaks. Can you make this happen, Jason?

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Hi handler,

I write for Stereophile, but do not currently review equipment for the publication. I do, however, review for AudioStream. But the problem is, even if I did review for Stereophile, I wouldn't be able to do anything at present, because my reference system is in storage pending the sale of our house and move to new quarters. I am convinced that only fellow audiophiles can understand what it feels like to see a couch where I used to see a sound system. Hopefully I will not have to live on this movie set much longer. 


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Thank you for the reply, Jason, I understand where you're coming from.

I have always liked time/phase-correct speakers and would like to read more reviews of these designs. Thanks again.